Neck Massage

Therapeutic Bodywork

As a lifelong athlete and a bodyworker with over a decade of hands-on experience, my approach to treatment is derived from multiple therapeutic and movement disciplines.  I do not adhere to any singular treatment technique, system, or style, as I believe that it is essential for each treatment session to be tailored to the unique presentation and response of each person.

All bodywork sessions involve one or more forms of assessment, which may include movement and postural analysis, measuring range of motion, and manual palpation (feeling for differences in soft tissue quality and tension).  This process guides the treatment process, highlights key areas of focus for the session, and provides us with information to determine whether a treatment was effective.

While I do occasionally use tools such as cups, scraping instruments, and tape during sessions when appropriate, I primarily treat and assess with my hands -- they are by far the most intelligent and versatile instrument in my toolbox!  My treatment approach is evidence-based and informed by research on how tissue heals and remodels; rather than applying brute force to an irritable area to offer temporary relief (only for the pain to reemerge shortly after treatment), I believe in working with the body's innate healing and corrective mechanisms to address inflammation and restriction in the area.