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Sprouting from Seed

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Root & Branch Bodywork blog!

I am carving out this particular corner of the internet to offer educational resources pertaining to human movement science, information on different bodywork modalities and treatment approaches, wellness and self-care tips, and updates on the general goings-on at Root & Branch.

As a seasoned bodyworker and movement educator who regularly navigates nuanced spaces while assessing and working with my clients, I have been personally frustrated by the increasingly oversimplified clickbait I see routinely churned out by the social media wellness and fitness industrial complex. I am even more alarmed by the ways I have seen this approach to "education" (read: marketing) extend to my peers in physical therapy and massage therapy, as practitioners resort to increasingly more absurd tactics to compete for your attention while sacrificing key principles of ethical evidence-based education and practice.

I hope to offer readers a rational antidote to this "quick fix" intellectual junk food culture. Science is a process, and I intend to empower readers with tools to apply the scientific method to their own movement, healing, and educational journeys. I have no instant solutions to offer anyone, but am excited to join you as we dig deeply into the nuances, complexities, and unknowns of human movement, anatomy, and physiology.

Thank you for meeting me here!

- Kaitlin


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