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What can I expect from my first treatment session?

Prior to starting your treatment, your therapist Kaitlin will orient you to the space, discuss your treatment goals and any injuries or medical conditions, and explain the set-up for your scheduled treatment.  

If you are receiving a Recover treatment, you will be draped between the sheets on the massage table.  During your treatment, your therapist will carefully undrape and tuck the sheet around the body part they are working on for your comfort.  You may undress to your personal comfort level; if you wear a bra, we do recommend unclasping or removing it if you wish to receive work on your back and shoulders.

Please bring clothes you can comfortably move and stretch in for the Mend and Thrive treatments, both of which may include stretching and movement on the mat or table.

Kaitlin will check in with you after your treatment to assess your response to the session and help you develop a plan to progress toward your goals.

What are your COVID protocols?

As the pandemic is an ever-evolving situation, we are doing our best to provide clients with the safest environment possible by adhering to both federal and regional guidelines for healthcare settings.

We do ask that you please wear a mask during your treatment, regardless of your vaccination status.  We routinely space out appointment times to provide ample time to air out and sanitize the space between clients, and keep a UV air purifier on for increased air circulation.

Clients who need to reschedule a session due to an infection or recent exposure will not be charged to do so.

I see that you are a PTA!  Can I book a physical therapy session with you?

As a PTA, I am licensed and qualified to perform skilled physical therapy treatments under the supervision of a physical therapist.  As we do not have a PT on staff at Root and Branch Bodywork, I cannot offer physical therapy treatments at this practice.

I do draw from all of my education and training to offer skilled, effective, and evidence-based massage therapy treatments to all of my clients, and am always happy to recommend a physical therapist to clients who may benefit from a PT evaluation.

If you are curious about the scope and role of a PTA in a physical therapy practice, this article breaks things down.

Do you offer energy work/crystal healing/reiki/x?

As a highly specialized therapist with extensive training and experience in movement, sports massage, and managing injuries and chronic pain conditions, I offer a curated selection of treatments within my realm of expertise.  The techniques and modalities I use in my treatments are evidence-based, and I use my best clinical assessment skills to help my clients resolve pain, manage and prevent injuries, and meet their movement goals.

While I do acknowledge that there is an inherent energetic component to all bodywork and touch-based therapy, I am not trained in, nor do I practice, energy work.

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