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Individualized bodywork treatments to nourish your roots and help you thrive.

Head Massage


The Recover treatment is a passive restorative bodywork session -- like hitting the "reset button" for your mind and body to alleviate stress and optimize recovery. Aromatherapy with pure essential oils, therapeutic heat, and CBD-infused massage are available within this soothing treatment.

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Child Physiotherapy


The Mend treatment is a customized therapeutic bodywork session designed to address chronic pain, overuse injuries, postural issues, and mobility restrictions.  The Mend integrates targeted massage therapy techniques, manual stretching, and therapeutic modalities such as cupping, taping, and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization to address pain, inflammation, and soft tissue restriction.

We recommend bringing clothes that allow you freedom of movement for your comfort during manual stretching or kinesiology tape application.

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The Thrive treatment is designed to empower you to make lasting and sustainable changes to support your body's resilience, improve and maintain your mobility, and support you in achieving your movement goals.  A Thrive session may include analysis of your postural and movement habits, targeted manual stretching, facilitated mind-body connectivity techniques, and guided movement with expert cuing to retrain your muscles for optimal alignment and ease of movement.

Please wear clothes that allow you to move and stretch comfortably.

Discounted treatment packages can be purchased here!

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