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An image of a person balancing on a log in the woods.

Movement Education

Develop Functional Strength and Mobility

Movement is much more than exercise.

In helping my clients work toward their individual goals, I like to encourage them to think outside the box of the gym or fitness studio, and in doing so develop a joyful, intuitive, and truly sustainable relationship with movement.  I believe in using minimal and low-tech equipment, allowing my clients to easily set up and adhere to their movement and mobility programming at home and while traveling.

My movement training prioritizes function over aesthetics.  I am passionate about helping individuals improve and maintain mobile and supple bodies, teaching individuals how to move from their center to develop true core strength (forget the sit-ups!), and building motor control and body awareness to move through the world with greater ease and efficiency.

My movement methodology draws from both my own background as a former martial artist, acrobatic performer, and physical actor, as well as my formal educational training in kinesiology, physical therapy, exercise physiology and strength and conditioning.

Individualized, one-on-one movement education sessions are offered as our signature Thrive sessions.

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